Church Revitalization and Renewal Part 1.

Church Revitalization and Renewal – Part 1. I have been part of a number of church transformation opportunities as a pastor of churches and also as a consultant and coach with various congregations including Baptist, Presbyterian and Alliance.  I have learned much over the years including seeing churches after revitalization fall back into old patterns after a few years of growth and...

Church Mission Renewal

Church Revision In February of this year (2016) I invited key leaders, influencers, new attendees from various generations of our church to a retreat to renew our mission.  I began with teaching from Matt 28 and Acts 2 describing the mission strategy of Jesus.  We discussed the history of our church and then I gave them an evaluation sheet that laid out where we were on the lifecycle of a...

Courageous for His Mission

I have been thinking about the Mission of Christ and how I can give effective leadership at Oxford Baptist Church where I am the lead pastor.  I understand that as pastors today we need to be more courageous in leading our people into greater mission.  I have always believed that a Biblical Healthy theology should lead us into greater mission for Christ not less mission.  Anything else and we...

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